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Before I started blogging here on TheCli3nt.com, I co-founded, and wrote reviews for GamersRevenge.com. My brothers and I started GamersRevenge because we were sick and tired of reading biased and obviously paid-for reviews.

As a reviewer, I need to be able to confidently point to a specific product when I’m either crediting it with a positive change, or damning it as the instigator of a negative reaction. In order to do so, I follow the GamersRevenge philosophy: or rules, as I like to call them.

Reputation Although we never accepted payment for a product review, reviews were typically looked at by the readers as though they were paid for and were therefore, biased. Writing a review that isn’t mistaken as biased when you truly love, or hate, a product isn’t easy. It was, and still is, important that we remained unbiased and objective; writing with curiosity, rather than having a preconceived opinion.

Disclosure If we received a product in exchange for a review, that fact was disclosed. Not only is disclosure the honest and ethical thing to do, it’s the law in many countries including the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). Unless disclosed at the beginning of my review: products, games, books, or music I review are purchased by me.

All this being said, I write reviews because I love to write. I write reviews in my own words based on my own opinions. I have not (and will not ever), accepted payment for a review. While I will gladly accept a product, game, or book for review, I will never charge for a review, nor will I accept compensation for a biased review.

Do you have a game you will be marketing in the near future? I will gladly play it and give you an honest review with great feedback.

Do you have a new product that you would like people to try out for you? In the past, we have contacted contestants who appeared on Shark Tank. They were happy to allow us to use their products and publish reviews after about two weeks of use.

If you are on a shortlist for the publication of a new book, please feel free to send me a copy. As much as I prefer to review books that are close to release, I will, and have, reviewed books after their release. Books can be sent to me either in physical format (hardback or paperback) or eBook. Books sent to me cannot be returned. Please note that if I receive an ARC rather than a final copy it may be noted in the review.

Completed reviews will appear on TheCli3nt.com. Reviews are the opinion of me, Jay Bishop, only; unless shown where a guest reviewer has also used, played, listened, or read and then shared their review.

Submitting your product for review:

For obvious reasons, I won’t be posting my mailing address online. Feel free to send an email to jay@thecli3nt.com and tell me about your product and how to contact you. Please make sure your contact information is correct!!

Thank you, in advance, for allowing me the opportunity to review your book, music, video, or other product.

Some of my previous reviews:

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The Cli3nt

   I am 43-years-old, a hemophiliac, the co-founder of GamersRevenge.com, a blogger at TheCli3nt.com, part-time YouTuber (Geek Out! videocast) and Twitch streamer.
   I'm an old-school gamer, having started playing video games back in 1977 on the Atari 2600 (even managed to place 6th in Jafco's Atari Pac-Man tournament in 1982). I first began abusing games shortly after my best friend introduced me to Quake. By the time Quake II was released, I was addicted.
   After being found, in May 2008, passed out in front of my computer with a mouse cord wrapped around my arm and over 100 flash drives scattered around my body, I sobered up. To help maintain my sobriety, I switched to single player console gaming.
   In my life outside of the Wasteland, yes, I do have one --- wait, that's a lie. I have my Xbox One, Plex media server, high-speed internet, and Dax the Magnificent (my furry four-legged child).

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