Stop Whitewashing History

Having been raised primarily by my mother and grandmother (with the help of my aunts), I have always held women in a different light than most of my male friends. I see a woman’s beauty not on the outside, but the inside. For me, a woman’s personality trumps her physical sex appeal tenfold.

That’s not to say I haven’t said sexist things in the past. And I’m just as guilty as any man of taking part in “locker room talk.” Hell, I doubt any man can say they’ve never said anything remotely sexist. And, having daughters of my own, I can’t say I’m proud of these things. But they have happened. Does that mean I am a piece of shit? Hardly.

I believe women are more than capable of doing anything a man can do . And to be honest, I believe a woman should be revered. Women are, in my opinion, the jewels of the Earth and should be valued as such.

I know, right now, the Harvey Weinstein’s of Hollyweird are the current “hot button topic” and everybody wants to vilify them, which they should; but let’s not over extend the #MeToo movement to include every little off-color or sexist comment made.

Nolan Bushnell being denied the Pioneer Award from the Game Developers Conference is a travesty. The idea, put forth from Brianna Wu, et al, that Bushnell is just as guilty as the Weinstein’s is such a joke, it has tarnished the #MeToo movement’s message.

The idea Bushnell should apologize for the culture of the late 1960s and 1970s is ridiculous. The GDC’s award has nothing to do with NOW but everything to do with THEN. Bushnell IS a gaming pioneer and SHOULD be honored for such. The Hollyweird Weinstein’s are the culture of the 2000s – and they didn’t just do these things THEN – they have continued into NOW. While the women of the 70s have gone on with their lives and excelled. Case in point – Carol Shaw, one of the first female designers in the video game industry at – wait for it – ATARI!!!

At what point do we stop trying to “whitewash” history. We all know it wasn’t perfect. Mistakes were made. But by “whitewashing” those mistakes, our future – our children – can’t learn from those mistakes and make this country better for their children.

If Wu and her feminazi followers want to vilify Bushnell, how about they start also vilifying Steve Jobs who not only was a sexist but also accused his daughter’s mother of sleeping around and then denied his DAUGHTER for years. I don’t see any pitchforks and bonfires for Steve Jobs – but I do see lots of lemmings every time another iPhone is released. Why is nobody vilifying Ozzy Osborn? John Lennon? Or, how about the 2008 sex tape scandal of Gene Simmons of KISS? A little research by those claiming the bad stuff of Bushnell would make their claims for sexual misconduct more believable if Bushnell’s *exploits* could be remotely compared to these three.

While I fully support the #MeToo movement against The Weinstein’s of the world, by putting Bushnell in the same circle of misogyny and harassment, Wu is trying to create victims where there are none.

Please feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments below.

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