“Masters of Doom”ed

When I staggered to my desk this morning, I didn’t expect anything jaw-dropping to be waiting for me. Imagine my surprise when I see a press release from Oculus VR announcing John Carmack’s departure from id Software, having joined Oculus as their Chief Technical Officer.

Over the past 17 years, John Carmack has greatly influenced my life. That fateful day in February when n1njr showed me QTest, my life was forever changed. I lived and breathed Quake. There was nothing more important than Quake, until Quake II was released. On the morning of December 9, 1997, you could have found me waiting outside Software Etc., for the doors to open. I was there so freaking early, Steve (the store manager) asked n1njr and me to bring him coffee. Quake continued to rule my life. If it was Quake or id Software related, I wanted it and usually got it. Every game, magazine article, t-shirt … I had to have it. I even have a nine inch Quake II logo tattoo on my back.

To everyone that knows me, it came as no surprise when I woke up one day and started crying. id Software had been bought out by ZeniMax Media. I was utterly destroyed, but as time progressed, I got used to the idea.

Then I saw Rage and I drooled. Megatextures, huge worlds, vehicles and LOTS of weapons. It was supposed to be my dream come true. I quickly realized I had been robbed. Again, I was devastated…betrayed for my years of loyalty.

Now I feel slightly betrayed again. John Carmack has forsaken his loyal fans to be the tech director for Oculus Rift. Not only that – he may say he’s still at id, he has put Oculus Rift first. Wow!

Now, I’m not saying that Oculus Rift isn’t amazing, and that Carmack isn’t going to make it even more amazing. What I am saying is this is the moment when I will look back on today as the day “id died.” And when I remember this day, I will cry and then n1njr and I will drink to its amazing memory.

“Rest assured, when the Oculus VR unit goes retail, I will be among the first waiting in line to buy it!”

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   I'm an old-school gamer, having started playing video games back in 1977 on the Atari 2600 (even managed to place 6th in Jafco's Atari Pac-Man tournament in 1982). I first began abusing games shortly after my best friend introduced me to Quake. By the time Quake II was released, I was addicted.
   After being found, in May 2008, passed out in front of my computer with a mouse cord wrapped around my arm and over 100 flash drives scattered around my body, I sobered up. To help maintain my sobriety, I switched to single player console gaming.
   In my life outside of the Wasteland, yes, I do have one --- wait, that's a lie. I have my Xbox One, Plex media server, high-speed internet, and Dax the Magnificent (my furry four-legged child).

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